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State Library Closing, March 1st Friday, February 29, 2008

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The State Library and the Museum of Connecticut History will be closed Saturday, March 1st due to weather conditions.

We’ll reopen on Monday, March 3rd at 9:00 a.m.


New Public Policy Resources @ CSL Friday, February 29, 2008

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Arsenals of Folly; The Making of the Nuclear Arms Race. Richard Rhodes. 
U 264 .R48 2007

Discovering Addiction; The Science and Politics of Substance Abuse Research. Nancy D. Campbell. RC 564 .C33 2007

Evolution; What the Fossils Say and Why It Matters. Donald R. Prothero.
QE 721.2 .E85 P76 2007

Filibuster; Obstruction and Lawmaking in the U.S. Senate. Gregory J. Wawro and Eric Schickler.  JK 1161 .W39 2006

Genetic Witness; Science, Law, and Controversy in the Making of DNA
Jay D. Aronson. RA 1057.55 .A76 2007

New Public Policy Resources @ CSL Wednesday, February 20, 2008

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The Architecture of Madness; Insane Asylums in the United States. Carla Yanni. RC 445 .Y36 2007

The Greening of the U.S. Military; Environmental Policy, National Security, and Organizational Change. Robert F. Durant. TD 195 .A75 D87 2007

Guys and Guns Amok; Domestic Terrorism and School Shootings from the Oklahoma City Bombing to the Virginia Tech Massacre. Douglas Kellner. HN 90 .V5 K45 2008

Shopping Our Way to Safety; How We Changed From Protecting the Environment to Protecting Ourselves. Andrew Szasz. HC 110 .E5 S93 2007

Supercapitalism; The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life. Robert B. Reich. JK 275 .R45 2007

New Public Policy Resources @ CSL Thursday, February 14, 2008

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From Pews to Polling Places; Faith and Politics in the American Religious Mosaic. J. Matthew Wilson, editor. BL 2525 .F76 2007

In Defense of the Bush Doctrine. Robert G. Kaufman. E 902 .K385 2007

Indian Gaming; Tribal Sovereignty and American Politics. W. Dale Mason. E 78 .N65 M39 2000

Mobile Communication and Society; A Global Perspective. Manuel Castells, et al. HM 1206 .M62 2007

Subprime Mortgages; America’s Latest Boom and Bust. Edward M. Gramlich. HG 2040.5 .U6 G73 2007

New Legal Resources @ CSL Friday, February 1, 2008

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Federal Dataveillance:  Implications for Constitutional Privacy Protections. Martin Kuhn. KF 1263 .C65 K84 2007.

The Making Of A Civil Rights Lawyer. Michael Meltsner. KF 373 .M456 A3 2006.

The Nine:  Inside The Secret World of the Supreme Court. Jeffrey Toobin. KF 8748 .T33 2007.

Bulldozed:  “Kelo,” Eminent Domain, And The American Lust For Land. Carla T. Main. KF 5599 .M35 2007.

Presidential War Power. Louis Fisher. 2nd edition, revised. KF 5060 .F57 2004.