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A Child of the Amistad: The Sarah Margru Kinson Story Monday, March 22, 2010

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On Thursday,  April 15, 2010 from 12:00-12:45, pm in the Museum of Connecticut History at the  State Library, 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT, Tammy Denease Richardson,  accomplished Living Historian/Storyteller, will present A Child of the Amistad: The Sarah Margru Kinson Story in the State Library’s continuing Brown Bag Lunch Program.  Bring your lunch and learn about Sara Margru Kinson, one of four children held captive on the schooner Amistad would,  after gaining freedom through a victory within the United States legal system, go on to become the first African to attend college in America.  Share with Ms. Richardson this poignant voyage from childhood denial to childhood denial to adult autonomy.

Born in Columbus, Mississippi, our Storyteller spent countless hours with her great-grandmother and grandmother. Ms. Richardson’s great-grandmother was a former enslaved person and lived to be 125 and her grandmother lived to be a 100. Both were known storytellers, and passed this gift along to their granddaughter.  As a result, Ms. Richardson loves history and being able to tell others about the past. In her position of Museum Educator, she instructs children through stories of Colonial History, Slavery, and Native American History. In addition, she is a historical tour guide for local Colonial-American homes.

An accomplished Living Historian/Storyteller, Ms. Richardson specializes in bringing to life the lives of very important, yet “obscured” women in history. Among her favorites are Bessie Coleman (first internationally licensed pilot in the world) and Elizabeth Keckly (former enslaved woman who worked at Lincoln’s White House), Margru (Amistad captive). She speaks in several different forums including inter-district school assemblies.

Ms. Richardson currently resides in Connecticut. 



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