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The Gallant Sons of Erin: A History Through Song of an Irish-Brigade Regiment in the Civil War Thursday, June 10, 2010

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On Thursday, June 17, 2010 from 12:00-12:45 pm in the Museum of Connecticut History at the State Library, 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT, The Gallant Sons of Erin will bring us a vision of American history through their unique collection of songs and stories. By focusing on the songs sung by and about the Irish immigrant soldiers of the American Civil War, the listeners are treated to a glimpse of the rich culture of the mid 19th century immigrant community as well as an enjoyable musical treat. Their CD, “No Irish Need Apply” was named the 8th best CD of 2003 by the Celtic Connections Radio Show presented by Emerald Productions in Middletown, Connecticut. It chronicles, through period music, the story of an Irish Brigade Regiment in the American Civil War. Rather than record a selection of popular Civil War “hits,” The Gallant Sons mined the archives to revive the songs that were written by, readily available to and embraced by the Irish immigrant soldier of the American Civil War, their families, supporters and friends. The Gallant Sons have played at Civil War reenactments throughout the Northeast, at historical venues including the Federal Arsenal in Springfield, Massachusetts and the Friends of Gettysburg visitor’s center in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and modern folk music venues such as the Sounding Board in West Hartford.

Gallant Sons of Erin

The Gallant Sons of Erin are:

Todd Bryda (vocals and bodhrán) is a history professor at Northwestern Connecticut Community College. His areas of interest include the Civil War and Irish history. He has been reenacting since 1991 and acts as the commanding officer of his unit (28th Massachusetts, Co. K, Irish Brigade). He has a B.A. in history and literature from the Univ. of Mass., Dartmouth, and an M.A. in history from the Univ. of Mass., Amherst.

Dave DeAngelis (banjo and vocals) is a School Library Media Specialist in Shelton Public Schools. He has been performing traditional American and Irish – English music for many years, and was a featured performer at the Mystic Sea Music Festival in 2001.

Mark DeAngelis (guitar and vocals) is an Assistant Professor in Residence at the University of Connecticut teaching Business Law. Mark uses songs about law as an integral part of his teaching method. Mark has been a Civil War living historian for 17 years.



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