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State Library and State budget discussion Thursday, May 12, 2011

Posted by gisref in updates.

If the State Library goes away there will be no more:

  • State Law Library
  • State Archives  (7.67 miles of records dating from 1631)
  • Museum of Connecticut History
  • Genealogy and Connecticut History Collection
  • Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped
  • Office of the Public Records Administrator
  • State Library Website with unique resources on Connecticut (1.4 million page views/yr.)
  • Federal Documents Collection (over 1 million items)
  • State Documents Collection (only complete print and electronic collection)
  • Premier research collections  (nearly 1.3 million items)
  • Connecticut Newspaper comprehensive statewide collection
  • iCONN Databases (8 million page views per year/ $27 million saved locally)
  • Statewide Catalog/Interlibrary Loan
  • State funding for the Connecticut Library Consortium
  • Access to the state’s aerial surveys
  • State Records Center
  • State and municipal records management program
  • Federal library funds (nearly $2million annually)
  • Transporting of library material between libraries (Connecticar Delivery Service)
  • Free borrowing from any library in Connecticut (Connecticard Program)
  • State Aid to Public Libraries
  • Public Library Construction grant program
  • Library Service Centers
  • Training, consulting and professional resources for library staff statewide
  • Public Library Statistics
  • Large Print Book Collections
  • Downloadable audio books
  • Summer Reading resources and training
  • Access to Legislative Histories
  • Indexing for legislative materials and the  Legislature’s website
  • Access over 36,000 digitized images of Connecticut History
  • Permanent public access to 12,000 existing and all future digital state publications
  • Video archive for The Connecticut Network
  • Publication of the Public Records of the State of Connecticut
  • Historical Probate record books and files
  • Historic Documents Preservation grant program
  • Historical Programming in schools
  • Resources for teachers such as “Connecticut Invents” (over 18,000 visits to this blog annually)


Who will be affected?

  • Anyone using a public library
  • Anyone seeking federal or state government information
  • Nearly 9,000 Blind and physically handicapped CT citizens who use LBPH
  • Lawyers, law students, the self represented
  • Students, teachers, and faculty
  • Librarians, Trustees, Friends of Libraries
  • Genealogists
  • Researchers
  • State Agencies
  • Legislators
  • School children who visit the museum (18,000/yr)
  • Judges
  • Town Clerks
  • Historical Societies
  • Museum visitors (10,000/yr)
  • Environmental engineers


What is Lost?

  • Access to government information
  • The ability to freely use any library in the state
  • The historical record of state and municipal government
  • Cooperative resource sharing
  • Oversight of public records
  • The only library in the state serving the blind and physically handicapped
  • Equitable statewide access to online resources through iCONN
  • Training programs to keep library staff current on library services and issues
  • The cost benefits of cooperative purchasing
  • Ability for environmental impact reviews to be completed for federal funds
  • Ability to complete commercial private phase one reviews for mortgages, land development


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