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Hurricane preparedness and disaster recovery Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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Are you prepared to deal with the strong winds, heavy rains and associated flooding that a hurricane brings?

It’s uncertain if or how hard Hurricane Irene will strike Connecticut. Hopefully we’ll just have a rainy day. Even so, here are some links to help you be prepared.

National Weather Service National Hurricane Center  with links to Public advisories and Forecast advisories for Hurricane Irene

(for the public)
Ready.gov  and Hurricanes
*Information for individuals and businesses: get a kit; have a plan; be informed

DESPP offers hurricane preparedness tips  (Conn. Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection)

Connecticut guide to emergency preparedness

(for libraries and cultural heritage organizations)
If you have advanced warning:
(excerpts from the Emergency Response & Salvage Wheel ©) 1997, Heritage Preservation)
* Move vital records and high priority items away from windows and below-ground areas into water-resistant areas. Avoid areas under roofs
* Screw plywood over windows or use tape to reduce shattering
* Know location and procedures for shutting off water, gas, and electricity
* Wrap shelves, and storage units in heavy plastic sealed with waterproof tape
* Move outdoor objects indoors or secure in place.
* Take with you a list of staff, public officials, insurance data, emergency plan and supplies
* Make a phone tree for staff communication

Heritage Emergency National Task Force Links and information on disaster preparedness and response, including:

Before and after disasters : federal funding for cultural institutions

Guide to navigating Federal Emergency Management Agency and Small Business Administration Disaster Aid for Cultural Institutions
* Make sure your losses are included in the amount submitted for your community. This may help your community become eligible for a presidential declaration of a federal emergency or major disaster, which then leads to monetary assistance
* Read the guide carefully to determine if you are eligible

Working with emergency responders : tips for cultural institutions
* See page 4 on During and After an emergency

Resources for Response and Recovery
Including links to resources to help you:
* Assess damage
* Get funding to aid your recovery
* Protect your health
* Salvage your collections

Offered by the Northeast Document Conservation Center
Disaster Assistance Hotline 978-470-1010

Disaster Assistance sources of additional information, including these leaflets
Emergency salvage of wet books and records
Emergency salvage of wet photographs
Emergency salvage of moldy books and paper

Suppliers List
* Tip: Search by “category” for vendors of Disaster recovery – Restoration and reformatting



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